About Marriage Licenses in California

Obtaining a marriage license in California must be done with one of the County Clerk’s offices throughout the state.  The couple must appear together showing valid picture identification (any state driver’s license or state ID, passport or military identification will do) verifying that they are at least 18 years of age and older.

If you have been married before and your previous relationship ended within 90 days of the license being issued, the State of California requires proof of the ending of that relationship whether by divorce, annulment, or death and you will need to bring your court divorce/annulment decrees or death certificate when go to the County Clerk’s office. If your relationship ended longer than 90 days before the issuance of a marriage license, no proof is required but it suggested that you look at the date for legal purposes.

Marriage licenses are valid for 90 days from the date of issuance.

Public Marriage License can be used throughout the state of California.

Confidential Marriage Licenses can only be used in the county where purchased.

There is no waiting period.  The license can be obtained the same day.

Blood test not required.

You do not need to reside in the state of California to obtain a California marriage license.

The public marriage license requires the signature of the wedding officiant plus one witness.  If desired, you can have two witnesses sign. However, no more than two witnesses may sign on the public marriage license.

California marriage license fee varies by county and is required at the time of application.

A marriage license may be obtained from any county in the State of California (regardless of where you live or where you are getting married), and may be used to be married in any county within California.

For additional information on how to obtain a marriage license, or to make an online appointment (where applicable), please click on the links below.

Los Angeles County:  https://www.lavote.net/home/county-clerk/marriage-licenses-ceremonies/apply-for-a-marriage-license/apply

Orange County:  http://www.ocrecorder.com/services/marriage

San Bernardino County:  http://www.sbcounty.gov/ARC/Main/RecorderClerk/MarriageInformation.aspx

San Diego County:  https://arcc.sdcounty.ca.gov/Pages/marriage-licenses.aspx