Give up these outdated wedding traditions now

outdated wedding traditions

A wedding is a huge event for those involved – whether you are the bride or groom, a family member, or an invited guest. There are many basic wedding etiquette rules you are expected to observe. However, while some traditions are timeless and won’t be changing anytime soon, there are some that have outlived their relevance and are better off ignored. Here are the top seven wedding traditions that, according to some of the best wedding planners today, don’t quite fit into modern life anymore.

  1. The bride and groom must not meet before the ceremony

Traditionally, it was viewed as bad luck for the couple to see each other before the ceremony. This tradition no longer makes a lot of sense today. In fact, a lot of couples would prefer to take some photos before the ceremony, and nothing should stop you from doing so. If you’re planning to get married, expert event planners actually advise that meeting before the ceremony can go a long way in making you and your loved one less anxious about your big day. In addition, taking photos beforehand means you can actually attend the cocktail hour.

  1. The bride must be walked down the aisle by her father

If you’re like most people, you would probably find it weird if the bride’s father did not walk her down the aisle. Many brides today are opting for a different kind of grand entrance. For instance, as a bride, you can now include both your stepfather and biological father. Other brides prefer to have both their parents walk them down the aisle. Other brides even choose a grandfather or uncle to walk them down the aisle, particularly when the dad is deceased or no longer in her life.

  1. The bride’s parents must pay for the wedding

For the longest time, it was expected that the bride’s parents would pay for all the bills associated with the wedding ceremony. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. More and more weddings today are jointly paid for by the couple, by parents from both sides or even solely by the groom’s parents.

  1. Always greet your guests in a receiving line

Another tradition calls for the newlywed couple and their parents to line up and greet their guests after the ceremony. The line was often long and tedious for the guests. According to wedding experts, this has changed and many hosts now prefer to greet their guests during the cocktail hour, or as the guests dine.

  1. Wedding ceremonies must be conducted in church

In the past, weddings were typically conducted in a church setting. Today, couples are choosing venues that hold the most value or meaning to them.

  1. Black is a no-no for the bridal party

A few decades ago, it was completely unacceptable for the bridal party to wear black. In fact, bridesmaids would wear white to protect the bride from evil spirits. Thankfully, superstitions are no longer the order of the day, and bridesmaids can now wear black gowns.

  1. A bride should not wear white to her second wedding

Wedding traditions dictated that a bride could not wear white to her second wedding. Today, brides are free to wear elegant white gowns regardless of their marital history. Besides, everyone deserves a fresh start and not be shamed for it.

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