Get Married At The Biggest Biker Rally In America!

All Couples Nuptials Sturgis

Get Married At The Biggest Biker Rally In America!

Every year, thousands of biker dudes and babes head to Sturgis, South Dakota for a 10 day long motorcycle rally complete with live music, races, food eating contests and more!

All Couples Nuptials Sturgis

We go to Sturgis nearly every year, and think it would be the perfect place for a fun pop-up wedding or elopement. This year, we’ll be in Sturgis from August 2-5 and can help you have the biker themed wedding of your dreams!

Here are a few reasons why we love this motorcycle rally:

– There are numerous different events going on during the rally, which means there’s plenty to do for you and your guests

– Sturgis is home to unique restaurants, bars and shops, all of which are perfect backdrops for a pop-up wedding

– You can head out to the Black Hills for lots of fun outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and camping

We can host a pop-up wedding for you anywhere in Sturgis, but we especially love these fun bars:

Beaver Bar: This venue is right in the heart of town and perfect for anyone who wants a biker-themed wedding.

The Dungeon Bar: This is the oldest biker bar in Sturgis, and perfect if you are looking for a place with some history behind it.

One-Eyed Jack’s Saloon: What better way to get married than at one of the traditional saloons right in town?

How To Get Married In South Dakota

Not sure what you need to do to get married in Sturgis? We have you covered!

First, make sure to get a license from a Register of Deeds Office in a South Dakota county.
(Marriage License Application Worksheet). A South Dakota marriage license costs $40. Some offices accept only cash and travelers checks.

For those getting married during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, area Register of Deeds offices include:

    • Sturgis – 1300 Sherman St., Ste 138 – 605-347-2356
    • Rapid City – 315 St. Joseph St. – 605-394-2177
    • Deadwood – 90 Sherman St. – 605-578-3930
    • Custer – 420 Mount Rushmore Rd. – 605-673-8109
    • Hot Springs – 906 N. River – 605-745-5139
    • Belle Fourche – 839 5th Ave. – 605-892-2912

Identification is required, either a driver’s license or a certified copy of a birth certificate. No blood test or waiting period is required.

Get married in Sturgis this summer

All Couples Nuptials Sturgis Wedding

If you are ready to have the biker-themed wedding of your dreams, contact Reverend Lisa today!

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