We specialize in pop-up weddings, marrying any couple, anytime, anywhere! All Couples’ Nuptials is perfect for the couple that wants to get married tomorrow, next week or next month.  You don’t want to spend a lot of time and money planning a wedding. Contact us today!

You want to get married now and you want to do it in a unique, cool and fun location (contact us for ideas!). You want an amazing pop-up wedding that is unlike any other wedding. I am a non-denominational Reverend and I am available to officiate for any couple in any location, the more unique the better!

My only requirement is that you are madly, truly, deeply in love and ready to put a ring on it! Contact All Couples’ Nuptials now for a free consultation. You’ve got nothing to lose – except the most awesome wedding officiant- if you don’t contact us now!

All Couples’ Nuptials is perfect for the couple that wants to start their life of wedded bliss sooner rather than later. It’s for the couple that wants an elopement-style ceremony but not at a courthouse or presided over by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas. All Couples’ Nuptials lets couples exchange vows at a special location of their choosing.

The last thing you want to do is spend hours of your precious time agonizing over wedding details that will most likely be forgotten by guests within a week. Cake flavors, table linens, and flowers seem somewhat trivial when all you want to do is start your new life with your spouse as soon as possible. If this is applies to you, you’ve come to the right place my (new) friend! Traditional, non-traditional, funny…the sky’s the limit. You can have whatever you want. It’s your ceremony, it’s your day, and it’s my mission to make it perfect.

Why choose Reverend Lisa to officiate your wedding? Simple, because I am a non-denominational reverend, meaning I will officiate your wedding whether you are religious or not, whether you’re a straight or LGBT couple, or whether you want a traditional or not-so-traditional ceremony. My only requirement is that you are in love and ready to celebrate that love in the way that feels right to you. I also have extensive experience in the party planning field having been in charge of events both large and small; anything from company business parties to events featuring ambassadors and even a Vice President of the United States. So c’mon! Get your spontaneity on and let’s do this! Contact me as soon as you have a date and location in mind to confirm my availability.