Formal Llamas Are Becoming More Popular For Weddings

All Couples Nuptials - Wedding Llama

Weddings are fun, but there is more fun to be had when there is something unique about them. What would you think about having llamas grace your wedding? These animals can stun guests and keep the photographer busy during the entire wedding. Guests will take endless selfies with the llamas, making your wedding day so much more memorable.

At the sight of your “guest of honor”, properly dressed for the occasion, of course, your guests will likely gasp and laugh at the same time. The attention we have seen these animals receive at weddings is immense. Guests love to cuddle with their new friend keeping guests occupied and content. The llama is an amiable and calm creature and will blend easily with the crowds, especially children. They make for so much fun to have at your wedding to keep your guests fully entertained and busy. And what’s more, companies who look after the llamas see that they come perfectly dressed for the occasion and ready for photo shoots and selfies. Such a great way to entertain your guests and make your wedding a day to remember!

Companies have been in the business of supplying llamas for weddings for years. These companies also take them to other places like hospitals, schools, rehab centers and others facilities where the llama is used as a therapy animal. One of their favorite jobs is to take these beautiful and friendly animals to other ceremonies like parties, birthdays and graduations. The llamas are always dressed in a way that matches the occasion. You can even let the company know your particular party theme in advance and they will plan accordingly. How fun is that, right?

Special occasion llamas always come with their handlers to make sure everything is under control, and that nothing interrupts this great day. The handlers also make sure that the llamas are well cared for and never in harm’s way. The safety of the guests, as well as the animals, is always of the utmost importance.

These animals have no problem being around people. In fact, you will find them enjoying the fun, the treats they are fed to by guests, especially children, and of course, the selfies. You shouldn’t worry about whether the llamas will behave at your wedding because they are well trained and behave beautifully, perhaps even better than some of the guests. They will entertain the children and adults alike. They could even help to usher in guests if that is what you’d like.

There are instances, though, where the traveling of llamas is restricted because of their safety. Such times include when the temperatures are too low, like in winter, or when the temperatures are unusually high. Llamas will also not travel during the hours when traffic is at its peak.

If you’re planning a wedding and are interested in including llamas as part of the festivities, look for a reputable company in your area that specializes in caring for and transporting llamas for special occasions. The joy and excitement they will bring to your wedding is well worth the little bit of extra planning and expense involved.  

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