Aspen Gay Ski Week 2018 - Welcome to All Couples' Nuptials

Aspen Gay Ski Week

The annual Aspen Gay Ski Week is upon us! Beginning on January 14th and ending on the 21st, Aspen will be ablaze with fun and festivities for gay couples and singles alike.  For forty years this week has been going strong, making it the longest-running annual week-long gay ski event in America. This week is famous for its assortment of activities which participants look forward to enjoying. At night, guests take advantage of various parties, comedy shows, dinners, concerts, films, and symposiums, among other entertainment options. During the day, participants get to enjoy the terrain of the Aspen Snowmass, receptions, special lunches and, you guessed it,  more parties. Venues for the week’s events include the 4 mountains of the Aspen Snowmass, the Wheeler Opera House and various restaurants and hotels around the beautiful city of Aspen.

A lot has been improved upon for this year’s festival including modern amenities for the participants to enjoy. These amenities include enhanced safety measures to help visitors feel more secure while participating in the week’s events.  Some of the safety amenities include improved protective gear and professional guides to help those who may be new to the ski week’s activities.

Since this season is especially cold,  participants are urged to dress warmly.  The low temperatures can cause discomfort especially if you are not prepared. For easier navigation of the various ski routes in the mountains, route maps are provided upon request. The last thing you want to do is get lost in the mountains! There are also guides who are well versed in all things skiing and know the area like the back of their hand. The guides are always more than happy to assist any Aspen Gay Ski Week visitors with anything they may need during their visit. These are just a few of the services participants enjoy and it’s what keeps them coming back year after year to this amazing gay ski week event.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to get hitched, what better time than during this event? Become one with your significant other in the company of thousands of your new best friends! Sound like something you’re interested in? Give Reverend Lisa a call and make arrangements ASAP.

A plethora of differing accommodations is available where the participants can relax and drink in the vibe of the event. Visitors can choose to rough it in camps or choose more luxurious lodging in various hotels in town. If you decide to stay in a camp you can easily rent various camping gear including tents.

When it comes to food, the sky’s the limit! Area hotels and restaurants create the most fabulous cuisines imaginable especially for guests of the Aspen Gay Ski Week.  You can enjoy healthy foods which are professionally prepared by highly skilled chefs or indulge in more party type foods if that’s your thing. If you are interested in shopping, you won’t be disappointed in the area shops that are packed with beautiful, unique items that will serve as lasting memories of your time in Aspen. This year is expected to be the biggest year the Aspen Gay Ski Week has ever seen! If you’re planning on attending, we hope you have a wonderful time!

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Image courtesy of the Aspen Gay Ski Week Facebook page.