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Taco Bell Wedding

This past summer, fast-food chain restaurant Taco Bell began offering full-service wedding packages at its flagship restaurant in Las Vegas. The package includes a branded garter and bow-tie and “Just Married” t-shirts and champagne flutes.The wedding guests also get to enjoy a Cinnabon Delights Wedding Cake and a Taco 12-Pack.The wedding ceremony takes half an hour and it is presided over by an ordained minister. Taco Bell revealed that their Taco Bell wedding package is organized through a collaboration with Flora Pop, a company that specializes in special weddings and elopements. Weddings are held in the restaurant’s chapel situated on the second floor and can be arranged with a mere four hours notice. There is also a private area where you can hold your reception together with fifteen guests and the bride can borrow a sauce packet bouquet as she walks down the aisle. The entire event, including the ceremony and wedding minister, will set you back around $600, which makes it quite a reasonable deal.

The Jeffery and Skylain Wedding Story

If you’re not interested in purchasing this Taco Bell-themed wedding package for your special day, you can follow the route taken by Jeffery and Skylain. The two lovebirds, who had dated since their high school days, got married on their sixth dating anniversary on 29th September in a St Augustine country club. To make their event special, they wanted to include the place that was their preferred meeting place during their youth.

Back then, Jeffery, who played high school football, and Skylain who was a cheerleader, used to hang out at the neighborhood Taco Bell where Jeffrey would use his meager earnings to buy affordable meals for the pair.

The couple decided that they would head to Taco Bell once their wedding ceremony was over. When they told Nikki Baerman, a local wedding photographer, about their plan, she agreed to accompany them there and stage a wedding photo shoot. According to Skylain, they arrived at Taco Bell in full wedding attire half an hour before the 10 pm closing time and politely asked the astonished employees to give them permission to take wedding photos.

Baerman took photos of the couple sipping sodas and eating nachos. There was also a beautiful shot taken outside the establishment that featured Jeffery dipping his bride. In addition, Baerman got a sauce packet that was conveniently labeled ‘I do’ which was placed in the wedding bouquet together with the rings.

Taco Bell held special memories for the newlyweds from their high school days. In addition, it made Jeffrey reminisce about the days when his father took the whole family to Taco Bell for dinners on Friday nights – something he had been doing for the last thirty years.

Baerman said the wedding was the most unique event she had ever covered. After posting the wedding photos on her ‘Nikki B Photography’ Facebook page, her Likes started going through the roof. Some people have also expressed an interest in going to Taco Bell to shoot their wedding as well.

UPDATE: Jeffery and Skylain returned from their seven-day honeymoon in Orlando, Florida. According to Skylain, they also ate at Taco Bell.

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