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New Year's wedding

Holding a wedding on New Year’s Eve is a great idea to further spice up the festive season. Even better, the majority of people do not have to go to work the following day and this allows them to relax and enjoy themselves. Once the marriage ceremony is over, it is time to hang loose and wait for the crucial midnight countdown. Any wedding on New Year’s Eve is an extraordinarily memorable event. Here are ten essential things that you must include to make your New Year’s wedding celebration complete:

Arrange for a Late Bar

In the UK and the US, many venues require that the wedding be over by midnight and liquor must not be served beyond a particular time. But because the merrymaking will most likely go on past midnight, you need to make sure that guests can be served at the very least up to 2 am. You can also arrange for the photographer, DJ and other providers of event-related services to stay beyond the midnight countdown.

Have Sparklers in Abundance

Your New Year’s wedding will not be complete without sparklers, and these can even be given to the guests from the start so as to create a celebratory mood throughout the entire event. Sparkles can be distributed with dessert and you might even serve a flaming cocktail to add to the wedding drama. If you can afford it, go for a fireworks display to usher in the New Year in a sensational manner.

Provide Generous Amounts of Bubbly

Your New Year’s wedding must have generous amounts of champagne. If you cannot afford it, consider cheaper alternatives such as Prosecco, Cava or you can make a toast with a bubbly cocktail at midnight. For the ultimate in glamour, request your caterer to make a champagne tower. Pouring your own champagne tower is much more impressive than cutting the cake – if you do not mind missing the dessert.

Revel in the Glimmer

If you have a sequin wedding dress, a wedding on New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to flaunt it. You can also throw in those glitter-dipped feathers and sequined tablecloths. New Year’s Eve is the perfect night for a magical, glimmering party. Add extra elegance by complementing the glimmer with other colors such as blacks, beige, and white.

Bring the Props

In addition to sparklers, you can try to add some extra New Year flair to your wedding bash by incorporating confetti poppers, trendy party horns, and photo booth props. You can also get decoration vendors to create fashionable versions of the cheap hats and glasses that were all the rage in 2015.

Book a Charming Venue

Year’sYears Eve is usually the time when merrymakers pull out all the stops when it comes to their party venues. It is a time for swanky parties, elaborate dinners and elegant black-tie soirees. To add some lavishness to your wedding, consider hosting it in a special venue beyond the staple summertime vineyard or barn wedding setups. Think along the lines of city rooftop bashes or even a wild party at a private manor.

Assist in Resolution-Making in a Fun Way

New Year’s is the time to reflect and make resolutions for the year ahead. Explore ways of including them in your wedding while adding a fun touch. For example, you can arrange to have a resolution jar at the party or the guests can list their resolutions and aspirations on a chalkboard placed in the photo booth. The guests can also pin their New Year wishes on a paper lantern and let it drift away. Apply your local New Year traditions to your bash and share it with the wedding guests.

Babysitters are Crucial

To ensure that everyone has maximum fun, arrange for some respected baby sitters to take care of the children during the late hours. This thoughtful gesture will also allow you to have some flexibility when choosing your late night wedding venue. In addition, the children will enjoy a New Year’s Eve slumber party as the parents have fun at the wedding without any worries.

Arrange for Guest Transport

It can be hard getting a taxi on New Year’s. Organize for transportation in advance so your guests can get back to their homes without any hassle, safe and sound. Consider renting a small bus to drop them at their homes or make prior arrangements with some local taxi companies. Your guests will be forever grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Make Solid Plans for the All-Important Countdown

Even after buying the wedding sparkles and the champagne and booking a late bar, you can’t forget the countdown at midnight. It is easy to forget this amidst all of the other excitement of the evening, so discuss and plan for something special with the DJ or venue coordinator and ensure there is somebody with a microphone to announce the all-important countdown. To make it memorable, consider having a huge balloon drop or simply get the DJ to play a hit party song once the clock strikes midnight.

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